Lily Valeria Pantheion



Our first session will be an intake of “who are you” at this very time in your journey. I will facilitate an in depth Soul reading.

We will then Design a unique program to fit your needs to thrive on this Earth in clarity, awaken and enlighten the inner Shaman and Empower your Journey towards Personal Enlightenment within the Shaman’s Way of Unlimited Universal awareness……. 


Please call Lily Pantheion @ 530 446-6147 Office or text @ 530 575-9558 for      a Free Consultation 


Shaman Medicine is a very Unique and in-depth level of All Knowing, Of Universal Connections, of access to Non-Ordinary Worlds and Beyond.

Aiding in the restoration of Deep Emotional Wellbeing, Empowerment, clarity, purpose, creativity, Joy and Love.

This Deep, Deep way of accessed healing awareness can be for the Intention of Individual – family -community – regions – Earth as a whole and universal awareness.

Energy medicine also has Many, Many different Levels of Depth.  Shaman’s may navigate many different levels and modalities of energy medicine, Empowerment and Manifesting desires ONLY IN THE NAME OF LOVE, COMPASSION, APPRECIATION AND FORGIVENESS. 

Energy Medicine  is the Ability to Connect in awareness either by sight, hearing or knowing– To Merge with or to Move Energy for a Positive Outcome Or Change. Energy Medicine is Intertwined with A Shaman’s Power.


It is imperative that an energy practitioner is in alignment with truth of self to the depth of which they are practicing this medicine.  If the practitioner is not in Alignment with the true self (Has Not Cleansed, Balanced, and released in a variety of depths – their lower soul Chakra’s) That practitioner may very well be practicing in false Upper Chakra Unity (A Place of Ego – False Power and False Truth).  This practitioner may simply be unaware or in denial of this place within.


It is very important that the practitioner facilitating theta Mind, soul depth healing acts as only a vessel for which information flows of that individual person.  This is true in all healing modalities and tools connected with energy and Empowerment.

A facilitator is only capable of Navigating this healing as to the depth that facilitator has been guided by spirit itself, Wise and enlightened Spirit’s Helpers Or been taught by a higher wisdom Earth teacher and is in balance with the true self.

A Seasoned Shaman can read ones Chakra’s upon setting that intention even before accessing the Theta Mind with the Client.

A Shaman is to Never Access or read one’s Chakra’s without consent… And Only for the use of positive outcome. Unless, and Only to the degree, of Protecting The Shaman from any Negative Infliction from that person whether Intentional – (known) or Non-Intentional (not known)  by the person… Otherwise ~ it is considered Black magic.