“This healing is all so amazing!  It is Mysterious and So Perfect.  This Medicine continues to unfold in such Truth.

I am in deep gratitude everyday to have discovered the Unique gifts in which I have been gifted and awakened to, within my Healings with Lily Pantheion.

I am so grateful to Lily for being the incredible Shaman and Healing Facilitator that she is.

She has played such a crucial role in the healing with my Father, the Blossoming of my Heart and Aligning to my Future’s Pathway.

In Gratitude,  Trista”



“Lily was very welcoming, kind and presented herself as Masterful in her Shamanic Energy Healing Capabilities.

I liked that!

My first experience with Lily was very safe, loving and comfortable. I ended up taking this amazing Past Life Exploration which was just perfect in it’s messages to me. This experience was so unbelievably amazing ! The full past life I saw totally gave me insight and awareness to what was going on in my life now with my wife and children at this very same time.  The clarity of the message was : Don’t Let Anything Take You Away from Your Family, Which led me to become very aware of the authenticity and absolute relevance to my present situation. This Medicine Is Amazing !

I went on to arrange for the  “3 ”  – Healing Sessions Special –   which Lily Offers.

This 3 Healing Sessions Package went on to deal with my  Physical State,  Mental State, and Spiritual State.

Lily was amazing in how she addressed with the guidance of her Universal enlightened helpers, Creator and Mother Earth  what had been holding me back from my true soul essence.

The medicine Lily serves is incredible and amazing ! I strongly suggest you investigate these incredible gifts that await you from allowing Lily Pantheion to show you the healing that must take place in order to progress toward Higher Purpose, Spirituality and an overall greater satisfaction with life.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Lily. Peace, Light and Love.

Love always, Paul.”


Wow, With all the years of talk therapy I have done. I have never received  “as deep as a healing and nurture”  around this subject as I just received today with Lily in Only 1 session..

Thank You, Lily


Lily Helped me to Expand and Attune to the Magical reality of Existence that lies in infinity and beyond my third eye conscious awareness. Assisting me to advance in all areas of my life.

Sanje Faulk


So, When I arrive at a Crossroad along my path, I often seek out a guide to help evaluate my perspective

It takes a huge amount of energy to hold all of this drama in place and a lot of wasted time..

The advantage of choosing a qualified guide like Lily Pantheion is that they can construct a safe and sacred space to facilitate the Healing process correctly to Understand, Release and/or Reframe my life path with Truth, Trust  and Clarity.

I choose guides carefully, as they must be strong enough not to be impacted by my stuff and intensity. They must operate with Integrity so I feel in a safe place to be vulnerable and survive the engagement of my own fears , denial, contradictions or in this case my long hidden deceased father who had abandoned me as a small boy.

Through all the years of talk therapy I had never been able to release and forgive. Making me fall ILL both mentally and physically at many crossroads of my life.

Lily found and helped my father and me to release, understand and forgive . Something I have never been able to do deep down at the super sub-conscious level on my own or in talk therapy.

Lily recovered lost soul parts for me. Passed my father over to the after life with Love and compassion.

If I had not found Lily I believe my father would have never felt safe enough to ever go to his own healing grounds.

Lily helped bring me to a place to realize how disillusionment and illness occur in direct proportion to how far I stray from my original soul agreement.

Please take advantage of what Lily brings to You with her Shaman Medicine Healing Practice.



“Lily has assisted me with coming to the truth about myself.

She has done this by guiding me to go deeper in my being to release blockages so I can feel free, joy and be in alignment with my truth. I am very grateful for her and the medicine she practices. Very effective and totally worth it! I truly believe that anyone and everyone can benefit from her Shaman Medicine.



I would like to take this time to thank You for coming into our lives.

The Timing, the Love, the Light is way more than a couple of traveling Buffalo’s could ever ask for.

You are Amazing. You know It. We Know It. Thank You for sharing your Home, Your Knowledge and Your Healing with us. We will always be together in Spirit.

But Most of All Lily Thank You for your Mother Tree/ Friend/ Sister /Mother Medicine.                       We Love You .


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