Lily Valeria Pantheion


Do you Feel any of the following ? 

Lonely, separated, anxious, disappointed, frustrated, confused, anger, sadness, grief, low energy, distant, Self – Doubt, sorrow, depression, inner-conflict, Shame or guilt ?  Have you experienced Trauma, Sub-Personality, Shadow Self,  Unexplained Body Pain or Phobias of sort ?

Perhaps you are just not quite on top of your game ?     

It is time to come back to your own true divine presence of self .  Would You like to gain clarity of Self Love, Trust and Truth.  Would you like to relinquish Past Life Karmic debt of sort ?  Would you like to bring forward your own Unique Joy, Purpose and Clarity to know your Higher Self and Your unique Needs ? 

Are Relationships under stress with the same old patterning ?   Do you repeat old family patterns ?  Have you tried several times to break an addiction but something causes you to go right back where you left off ?  Do these stagnant, Havoc or confused energies have control on all or part of your current life ? 

I am guided by Creator to facilitate Deep Emotional Healing for Your Mind ~ Body – Heart &  Soul…..!  Together ~ We Free Your Spirit.. Into Unparalleled Clarity .

Each  session will be an Amazing Experience of Transformation.   Advancing you in Clarity, Understanding in Truth.  Enhancing communication skills for needs, desires and values, Gaining Self Love and Self Trust. You will advance in all relations. – Clarity in Employment, Location, relationships with family, social and intimate.  You will gain clarity within your whole self  for wise and compassionate choices.

Each  Healing Sessions is Facilitated within the Guidance and protection of  Great Spirit and the 7 directions of the Medicine Wheel and in the name of  Love ~ Compassion ~ Appreciation  ~Acceptance and  Forgiveness.

Lily is a Seasoned Healer, Medical Intuitive and Sacred spirit Medicine Woman with over 20 years  Experience and practice In this life time. As well as, multiple past Lives as a Medicine Shaman.

 “Best Deal” ~  3 Session Healing package and Save $120




~Consultation & 1st Personalized Healing Session includes ~ Initial Intake – Chakra/Soul Tracking and The Healing Session –  This session is at least 2 hours- sometimes longer.  

intake & your 1st Deep Healing Session connects you to the depth of your Inner awareness and prepares your Higher Self for a Healing. This session will bring you to the awareness of immediate needs of Soul wellness. Clinging Spirits – Soul Retrieval Or perhaps a deep Family & Inner child regression and healing.    You Will Be Amazed ! This session will pave the way to greater clarity.

Cost  $280    –      2  + – Hours               Purchase



~ “Additional”  Personalized Healing Sessions ~ 

Embrace Shadows transforming to Light ~ Spirit extractions – Soul retrieval- talking to a departed loved one- inner child regression and wellness. – Inner Family Wellness ~ Releasing Havoc energies- Repairing Auric and chakra Holes ~ Chakra Illumination ~Identifying Negative confused protectors ~ Chakra Clearing ~Balancing and Realigning, Relationship/Social/employment Depth of awareness counseling.  

 Cost  $180   ~        60 – 75 min. sessions



Best Deal !!   ( Save $ 120 )  ~ Purchase a  3  Session Package ~    Includes 1st Initial Consultation and Intake –  Chakra/Soul Tracking and Spiritual Reading. As Well as,  Your 1st personalized Healing Session

PLUS – 2 additional personalized Healing Sessions  (either 2 weeks or 1 month apart from each other )                                         60-75 minute sessions of deep Soul level healing.

Plus A “Free Channeled Reading”   

All  3  Sessions ~   Cost   $520…   YOU save $120 by choosing “THE 3 SESSION  PACKAGE ”  Choice of  1 time pay  – OR –  pay at each session. Call Now to Book with Lily at 530 446-6147 or text at 530 575-9558.  


~    MORE SOUL EVOLUTION Healing, Counseling, Reading and mentoring options  ~ : 


 channeled readings:  

These Soul Readings are 30 minute to 1 hour  Readings.  You can ask a question, have a concern or an Issue or I can simply do the reading with nothing said.

Cost $80 for a “very awakening “30 minute reading  –   which includes your awareness of what chakra or chakras need immediate attention. Including ways to soothe that chakra via stones, etc.

Cost $140 for a more in depth 1 hour reading – which will also include Chakra awareness and ways to soothe that chakra to a better way of being.  


Spiritual Counseling, Grounding, Nature and Elemental Connections and Guides, Spirit Animal Healing guides :

What is True Spirituality?  How can I evolve, feel Peace , Harmony and Love  from this Understanding ?

Cost $140  – 60 minute sessions


 Full Chakra Illumination:  Clearing,Balancing, Reading & Re-Alignment

I illuminate your soul. I then Open your chakra as needed.  Cleanse, Releasing and Re-Balance the CHAKRAS to operate in at optimal performance. Bringing awareness and Clarity to the Whole You.  Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. You will receive a reading of depth at this appointment.
Cost  $180   ~  75 minute Session  



 Inner Shaman Mentoring :

Explore Your Inner Shaman Abilities Awaken the sensors and receive mentoring of your abilities

Cost $ 250    60- minute Sessions

We can connect by person, telephone or skype. If by email.  I will connect on your behalf . I will provide a report of findings by e-mail for you.



PAST-LIFE EXPLORATIONfor clarity and understanding of current Questions, C0ncerns , Repeat patterns & Behaviors, Phobias, unsolved Issues within this lifetime.  Perhaps you are curious of past life purpose, Relationships, Creativity and Era’s which were prominent for you.

I guide you to heal the havocs and to actually See –  Explore and Understand  Many Aspects of a Prominent Past Life. Helping you to understand patterns , Old limited Beliefs and Fears which we will explore, understand,  reframed and Release ~ stagnant or havoc energy.  Healing you from any old past life karma. Past Life Knowledge Leads you to Higher Clarity of Purpose.
PREREQUISITE:  at least 1 1st initial healing session with me and past Life exploration intake form.
Cost $ 180.00



PAST-LIFE EXPLORATIONExploring Aspects of  Love Relationships  

I bring you to experience and explore to heal the wounds within a prominent Past Life – A Past Life you have once shared with someone you currently share in this lifetime.

Exploring many aspects of this Past Life to gain awareness of why you have met again. What unfinished lessons do you have ?  Finding this information allows you to advance and transform with Leaps and bounds.


Explore  a Prominent Past Life Relationship : To Gain knowledge ~ of what lessons ~ you are here to learn in this lifetime.

PREREQUISITE:  at least 1 prior Healing Sessions with me.

Cost $180.00


ASSISTING YOUR LOVE ONE with transitioning of  Death – Dying and Knowing What is Beyond:  

I facilitate Gentle Counseling , Guiding and  the Understanding within the process of Death with Love, Compassion, Appreciation, Acceptance and Forgiveness. . Preparing Your Loved One  and the Family of the loved One for Death.  Counseling your loved one on the process of passing over to the After Life. Helping to guide in a Gentle acceptance of what is taking place. 

Cost $ 160 ~ Per One Hour Sessions ~ Plus travel expenses (if Applicable ) We can discuss a Plan of Procession Visits

Cost $ 280.00   ~Per Two Hour Sessions with Family and Loved One ~  This is Recommended for 1st time visit.   We can discuss a plan of a “Procession of Visits”.



 ASSISTING YOUR  LOVED ONE ~ Shortly before and after death to Lovingly and Safely make the Transition into the Inter Life Portal, if this is Your Loved One and Creators will.   Releasing the soul from the deceased body  to be Guided by  Great Spirit/ God and The Arch Angles.  With Pure Love and  Safety.. 

 All  Religions are recognized and honored in the name of Love.. ~  I work with the family and Loved Ones within the Realm of your upper world connection of familiarity.. ALL RELEGIONS ARE Appreciated and Recognized.   

Cost  $380.00  ~ plus travel expenses (if applicable)  as a One Time 2-3  Hour visit.  Prerequisite :   Assisting Your Loved one what to expect upon Death.   Assisting The Loved One and family within the Transition of Death, Dying and Beyond…