Shamanic Medicine is the oldest healing modality known within the world. Each person within this world experiences forms of pain and may not understand why he or she is experiencing it. This is where Shamanic Medicine comes in, it helps one to understand where root cause of the pain is coming from. This may not be comfortable experience, however, it’s worth it. Here are 4 reasons why it’s worth it:

  1. Heart Connection – Once pain is cleared, one can feel love within his or her heart and maneuver with love instead of acting from a place of fear.  When one acts from a place of love, it will only create peace, love, acceptance, and forgiveness. When one acts from a place of fear, it will only will create more pain and confusion. Shamanic Medicine purifies the soul by visiting pains in different parts of the Mind, Body, Heart or Soul to set them free so you can obtain clarity, freedom, peace and Inner Love!
  2. Clear mind -Familiar with the monkey mind? When thoughts run rampted it can twist the truth and make one fearful of nothing. The imbalance of the mind stems of deep hurt within the soul. Yes, yoga and meditation are wonderful ways to train the mind, but Shamanic Medicine is a expedient way to achieve a clear mind. Once a healing is done, yoga, meditation, and nature compliments the inner work. When one has a clear mind, he or she can maneuver with grace within this reality, creating love and clarity instead of confusion from the mind.
  3. Deeper Understanding of World – As one begins to do inner work, it allows him or her to understand the different relams of this earth, beyond the 3D version. Shamanic Medicine opens one up to feeling alive, feeling the zest of the soul and seeing how beautiful and magical this world truly is. Also, exploring the darkness allows one to cultivate compassion and acceptance for oneself and others within this world. This translates us to having a better understanding why people do what they do and not taking it personal.
  4. Clarity of Purpose – Pain is translated into shadow within the soul. It’s dark because the person is unaware of what is causing the pain. A Shamanic Medicine Healer, shines a light to the darkness to bring forth clarity where there was once confusion. When there is more light within the soul, it allows the person to be all that they can be, seeing all the gifts that she or he has to offer, and connecting with the divine creativity of this world. Shamanic Medicine is great for those that are seeking direction, clarity and freedom on his or her path.

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