Shamanic Power  ~  Energy Medicine  ~   Spiritual – Theta Hypnotherapy


The word Shaman is derived from the Tungus Peoples of Siberia “Saman.” It is believed this is where shamanism originated. Shaman Medicine is dated back to over 40,000 years ago. Now Found in All Cultures and still practiced today.

Shaman medicine brings Awareness- Understanding- Compassion and Release of Deep Emotional Hurt and Trauma.

Brings back Soul Empowerment, Clarity, Love – Appreciation – Acceptance, Forgiveness, Soul Purpose, Creativity, Joy and Laughter to One’s Being.

Shaman’s are guided to track or illuminate your Chakra’s and True Soul Self to facilitate Deep Healing Transition.

A Shaman is One Who Knows, Who is Self-realized, Who can See in Vastness, Who can Hear Enlightened Wisdom.            A Shaman can quickly determine the difference between Positive and Negative Energy. The difference of Fluid and Crystalize Energy manifestation. And Know how to clear or release negative energies accordingly.
A Shaman has the ability to communicate telepathically.
A Shaman is One Who Lives in Unity with Everything Is Energy and We are All Connected.
A Shaman has most likely had many PAST LIVES as a Shaman Medicine person.                                                                           A Shaman is Chosen and then Self- Realized within that lifetime.  Often a Near death experience awakens the Inner Shaman to his/her Abilities within.  A Shaman depending on ability and gifts may practice within many different levels or depths of Healing Abilities.  A Shaman is never to work in a depth deeper than the one which has been realized – experienced and understood. Which brought that Shaman to a place of Knowing within that Realm of Pra ctice.

A Seasoned Shaman has built multiple relations with enlightened Allies over years of Practice and Experience.  These Allies are of the 7 Universal Directions..    A Seasoned Shaman will know how to NAVIGATE to varied depths of the CHAKRA WHEELS  within One’s SOUL with VIVID CREATIVITY to aid in the HEALING OF  MIND ~ BODY ~ SOUL ~ THUS FREEING THE SPIRIT TO SOAR IN INFINITE DEPTHS OF CLARITY AND TRANSFORMATION.



Energy medicine also has Many, Many different Levels of Depth.  Shaman’s may navigate many different levels and modalities of Energy Medicine or Energy Manifestation in a Healing Session.  This Depth is carefully chosen in awareness by the Facilitator.  Going to Deep to Quickly when One is Not ready can have negative effects of transition for the client.

Energy Medicine  is the Ability to Connect in awareness either by Vision, Hearing or A Knowing– To Merge within in special cases or to Move Energy for a Positive Outcome Or Change. The use of Energy Medicine is Intertwined with A Shaman’s Power.

But Not all Energy Medicine Practitioners are realized Shaman’s…  Not Many !

I will repeat Myself; There are Many, Many different levels of Energy Medicine.

Even More Importantly, many, Many different levels, Modalities and Depths of Energy Practitioners or Facilitators.

It is imperative that an Energy Practitioner is in Alignment with TRUTH OF SELF to the Depth of which they are Practicing this Medicine.  If the practitioner is not in Alignment with the True Self (Has Not Cleansed, Balanced, and Released in a variety of depths – their lower soul Chakra’s) That practitioner may very well be practicing in false Upper Chakra Unity (A Place of Ego – False Power and False Truth of Unity).  This practitioner may simply be Unaware or in Denial of this Place within.

Listen to your Intuition or Be Watchful of Synchronicity -as much as you can- when choosing a Healing Facilitator.

See my class on Boundaries and Protection to learn how to be in Awareness.


Theta-Hypnotherapy also has many, many  different depths of Navigation. The Shaman must access Universal Awareness in the name of Love, Compassion, Acceptance, Appreciation and Forgiveness to Facilitate the depth of a Spiritual Hypnotherapy Session with the Client.

Theta Mind Access connects “The Individual” to the awareness of the Soul’s memory.  The Memory Within this lifetime and also The Memory of Past Lifetimes.  Giving the ability to Access in a “True Awareness” of  Old Story Lines, Actions, Traumas, Limited Beliefs , Hurts, Sorrows, Neglect, Embarrassment, and many other buried Emotions.  A  Seasoned Facilitator can bring to the awareness and most importantly the Emotion that has not been Hidden and Denied and is Attached to the Story Line or Action which has occurred within the Clients life or Past Life which needs to be Addressed , Understood, Reframed  and Released. .

It is very important that the practitioner facilitating theta Mind hypnotherapy acts as only a vessel for which information flows of that individual person.  This is true in all Healing Modalities and tools connected with Energy and Empowerment.

A facilitator is only capable of Navigating this Healing as to the Depth that Facilitator has been Guided by Spirit itself, Wise and Enlightened Spirit’s Helpers Or Whom has been taught and has Experienced within  a Higher Wisdom Earth Teacher and is in Balance through Experience with the True Self in this category of Healing Facilitation.

A Seasoned Shaman can read ones Chakra’s upon setting that intention even before accessing the Theta Mind with the Client.

A Shaman is to Never Access or Read one’s Chakra’s without Consent… And Only for the use of Healing to Love, Compassion, acceptance, appreciation and Forgiveness..  All for Transformations and positive Enlightenment.