Lily V. Pantheion

  I am Lily Pantheion,

 I am a Seasoned Shaman Medicine Woman, I am 59 yrs young, I am a Alchemy Hypnotherapist, Dimensional Channel, Spirit Medium, Soul navigation Artist, Advanced regression therapist, advance spirit Extraction and Soul Retrieval Artist. I am a Paint Artist, practicing Yogi and CMT.

I was born in this lifetime to re-claim  Past Life knowledge, Ancestral Wisdom, Earth wisdom and Inter-Dimensional wisdom of my Shamanic Heritage.  I am proud to say I have accepted and awakened to my mission here on earth. I am mastering my craft and enjoying the comingle of Ancient Shamanic knowledge with todays modern day Chaos.  I am a very Old Soul with Past Life awareness dated to Early Paleolithic era.

My Shamanic Lineage is that of The Great Siberian Shaman.  I am here to facilitate Deep Emotional Healing.  Siberians must always be in check of emotional wellness in such harsh conditions. I am here to aid in the Re-Creation of  Whole Health Wellness of Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. To evolve our youth,  Self, Others, Families, Communities, The world and All generations to come…To peace love and clarity.

Earth is in a time of vast darkness and deep emotional chaos. Although on the light side Earth is our space to create evolution into a new way of being.   It time to Heal,  reclaim our self empowerment, rebirth soul loss, evolve spiritualty, Gain boundaries in Clarity for whole health wellness to Peace, Love, Unity and Community.

The Shaman is of One Source Spirituality. We are all one. We are all connected. We are un-limited.  Based from Love, compassion, appreciation, acceptance and forgiveness. All cultures and geographical locations gain deep clarity and unlimited soul wellness from the Shaman’s Way of Being. We are a manifested energy based from our soul memories of this life and Past Lives.

Healing facilitation must be approached with great Integrity and the knowing and understanding of Light vs. Darkness in many different forms and modalities. Guiding One on amazing Journey’s.  Back to the Future of Truth, of  beauty, light trust and love. Taking you on the Journey to Soul Purity to be all that You came to Earth to be. You deserve to thrive in Clarity, Purpose, Joy and Creativity.

TWO NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES : The first as a small baby, 4 months of age.   I was not meant to die. Creator sent me back to earth.  I was sent to Earth this time, In this Paradigm, with a distinct mission,  .. This near death incident as a small baby, Gave me a deep and enlightened connection,  directly with Creator. I was enhanced with an enlightened awareness of Knowing. A heightened realm of enlightened knowledge within my soul being. I became very aware of earth’s children. The elements, Tree people, Animal people, stone people. whom became my Saviors, Allies and friends.  As a child  & Teen, I lived in a very confusing, Chaotic, Traumatic, dysfunctional and emotionally imbalanced Family situation with limited communication skills.

I am very thankful.  My early childhood “off time “consisted of Camping and fishing within the California rivers, mountains, lakes and oceans. As well as time spent On the Great Mississippi river with my father and brothers.

I am extremely thankful at the age of 7 for the precious gift of my Registered  Buckskin Quarter Horse.  My father won her in a Poker game. She was 4 years old, Partially trained.  My father surprised me one morning by driving me out to where she was pastured on his way to work.  He dropped me off and said that is your horse right there. It is up to you to get to know her and ride her. I will pick you up after work.  This was 1967, in Sacramento Valley.   I had 1 Parakeet who talked, A toy poodle who loved me, a family Beagle dog. Various stray cats here and there. Although,    My Horse took care of me !.  She was my best friend,  in a world I did not understand. I rode this Beautiful and swift Quarter horse, Bareback with a Hackamore bridle, all over the valley as far as i could go. Jumping off into the river as she rolled and pawed the American river waters. Climbing and winding around hills from curiosity. Racing friends and always coming in first. This was her Way of Being ! Then we moved to Lake County, then the Mississippi River. I got another Horse, a Appaloosa named April Sue. A sweet and gentle and wounded soul. The same as me.

In 1997 I had a Near death Roll Over vehicle trauma. At this time in life I was a Real Estate Broker with 15 years of practice. During this accident,  I experienced a Head Injury and a serious Spiritual emergence of my Own true Being and Ancestral connections to that of the Great Siberian Shaman, Immediately..  The Shaman appeared and told me he saved me, yet again. That it is my time for me to step into my being.   I was given space to rebirth my being by things being taken away from me…   I moved forward slowly and Uncertain of anything in this world. But i kept trying Never giving up hope in the hardest and darkest of times, with Perseverance, Patience and The will to experience the healing of my own tragedy, trauma, Hurt, limited beliefs, Original Soul Wound, Inner family and Inner child dysfunctions.

I studied and studied. First learning my body, through a certified Massage School, Alive & Well in Marin. Being drawn to Polarity Energy Meridian Modalities, with Hanna Hammerili, Then drawn to Reflexology, assisting the class facilitators. I began a yoga practice which incorporated all modalities of yoga within my practice . I flowed on my path to find who Am I ? why am I so confused of this world ?  Why can I not fit in ? Why can i not make sense of people ? why , Why, Why, Overwhelmed !!    I intertwined with clay sculpture and Painting Art Therapy,  24 units of various Early Childhood development to try to understand my Anger & confusions and to help my own childrens emotional traumatic life.  Several units of Cultural Anthropology, Because this is where i have been drawn all of my life!   Through many many spiritual visitations and the Guidance of my great Siberian Grandfather shaman I started to witness unparalleled Freedom to accept the love, I held in my heart and The nurturing empathic ways finally directing to myself instead of co dependent for someone else. I gave myself permission to continue to find myself.

I was now ready and wide Open in a honorary way to claim and own my psychic Abilities gifted back to me for this life’s mission here on Earth. 

Spirit directed me to Hawaii to study the Indigenous Kahuna Medicine ways and experience the healing powers of the Islands.  Here, I fell into the hands of all The Islands, A Japanese Master Shaman,  An Indigenous Kahuna Medicine Man and A beautiful indigenous Hawaiian Woman whos capacity to hold space to nurture ones abilities is unparalleled in both the seeing of Shadow vs. light. Yin and Yang! Masculine and Feminine,  I am very thankful! For i am truly seen for Who I am. The Nurturing of my abilities are coming full circle I have spent over 10 years coming and going from the Hawaiian Islands on Sabbaticals, Facing Fears, Connecting with the elements of the land, The Enlightened Ancestors of all the islands, Great Spirit and Indigenous Kahuna Ways. Namaste. 

I was then called to South America. The Andes and the Amazonian Shamanic Ways of being.  Learning even more ways from the mountains, from the Ancient Light People, The jungle and The Shaman. All manifested by Creator for my evolution of great earthly mission and life purpose. I listened.  

I now have over two decades (20 years) of Deep Soul Healing for The Self, Facilitating Healing for my mentors,  Jungle Sabbaticals, Facing My Fears with courage in a Patient,  Constant Perseverance of ~ The Shaman’s Way of Being.  I have developed Honorary relations to work within the Medicine Realms of  The Great and Ancient Indigenous Siberian Shaman. Hawaiian Kahuna medicine, Japanese Shamanism, Native American and South American Quero and Shipibo Shamanic medicine ways.   I have honorary relations with the Shamanic Bird People and Many, Many Enlightened Healers.  We are born of Pure Love…  It is time to dream our reality into being! I love teaching Ancient Shamanic Healing modalities in a time of ancient futuristic ways of being.

 Let me assist you on an amazing and Beautiful Healing Journey of  Soul balance, Soul Alignment, Soul purity, Spiritual Consciousness, Spiritual Evolution and Modern Day Emotional Whole Health wellness.

Shamanic Healing will enlighten your Relationships, employment, social encounters and more.  I  assist you to dig up and embrace these old roots within Mind, Body, Heart and Soul which are of havoc, negative or shadow existence. We then transform what is no longer serving to your higher good.  I enable you to create a permanent Shift or Change into Clarity of Mind, Body, Heart and Soul based from Love, Compassion, Acceptance and Forgiveness. You will then vibrate at a much higher enlightened light frequency of Self Love.

I practice within Creators “Higher Soul Evolution” of Enlightened Energy Beings which reside in Higher dimensions of Non-Ordinary Reality..  Whom help me,  To help you,  To evolve with Grace, Clarity, Unity and Love. .

WHY NOT REACH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL OF PURPOSE AND CREATIVITY WHILE HERE ON EARTH ? You too can excel at what you love with ease, harmony, self love, trust and truth to grow. You will Advance in Soul Evolution of Unity and Connectedness within the concept of perceptions ,in that we,  are one with Creator. We are Creators of our own Realities. We have the ability of a much higher awareness of truth, trust, love, compassion and a general way of being. We have the Ability to Walk within Peace, Harmony, Love and with Ease.

I AM HERE TODAY TO SERVE :  As a Visionary, a Way Maker, A Teacher,  Relationship and Spiritual Counselor . A Great Medicine Shaman of deep emotional healing for Self, Families, communities, and The World.

I AM AN ARCTURIAN DESCENDENT: . I connect within Universal dimensions of Great enlightenment for soul evolution. My path is in alignment with Evolving to the Arcturian’s way of Being, Based from Pure Love.. Aiding in the evolution and enlightenment of the people. Back to Creator’s Intention of pure love.

As a SPIRITUAL MEDIUM : I Aid you in the communication, understanding and loving extraction of clinging,  codependant and confused Souls or Spiritual Entities whom have become stuck in a fear based way…

I help those whom are lost to pass over to the afterlife in the name of love and acceptance.
I assist your  loved ones to accept and embrace death in a positive way. To love, to accept, to release and/or to forgive.
I am honored and in Gratitude for the opening and reclaiming of my Shamanic abilities within the Spiritual lands of Hawaii, The Andes of Peru, Costa Rica, The Amazonia of Peru, Belize, Mexico and North America. Forming honorary relations with the great winged Ones.
I have Studied and healed with a 5 generation Plant Shaman. Forming amazing and  honorary relations with the great healing medicine snake of the Amazon.  and studied in the High Andes Mountains of Peru.  Thank You Mamma Earth and Your Children for showing me what true grounding really means.

I am an advanced Spirit Entity, Crystallized Entity & Spirit Extraction Artist..

I am an advanced Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval Artist.

I am a Past Life regression Artist.

I am a certified massage Therapist, excelling in meridian polarity therapy.
I hold 24 units of study in Many Aspects of Child development.
I have Over 30 units in Art Therapy and the Fine Arts.                                                                                                                       My family Background is Real Estate Business. I was a Real Estate Broker at 29 yrs old. with 15 years of practice.
I am here in my true purpose as a Master Shaman Medicine Healer to facilitate your Deep Emotional Healing and to pass on the Ancient ways of Shamanic Medicine via Shamanic Medicine Healing School. I am a Spiritual Counselor, a Earth and elemental Counselor. Evolving connections of Joy~ Laughter, Love, Acceptance, Appreciation, Clarity, Creativity, Purpose and Enlightened Soul Advancement.

Namaste in Light and Love,
Lily V. Pantheion